How to purchase Camp Cope-A-Lot products

<h3>We are currently updating the Camp-Cope-A-Lot program with the latest digital technology. We will provide an update as soon as the new release is available for purchase. </h3>

Information for first-time buyers:

We ask that you first register at, after creating an account, you may add the items to your shopping cart and complete the transaction. Once you have provided your email address (i.e. registered) and placed your order, you will receive an email providing you with your unique userid. This will give you full access to the Camp Cope-A-Lot program. The Camp Cope-A-Lot CD Rom, a Coach’s Manual, and Go-To-Gadget will be shipped to you.

Camp Cope-A-Lot (CCAL) is a 12-session computer-based cognitive-behavioral treatment program for children with anxiety. CCAL requires several items for initial use. First, the CCAL CD ROM, which holds the treatment program. Also required is a therapist ID (or user ID) for you (the therapist) to log-in and gain access to the treatment program. This userid is emailed to you after you have placed an order for purchasing one of the CCAL base packages. Therapists can access the program with just a user ID, but in order to implement the treatment program with a child (camper), you’ll need a separate camper ID for each child (allowing the program to store each child’s individual choices, progress, etc.). Use of the CCAL program requires that you are connected to the internet.
Some Camp Cope-A-Lot language …and its meaning
CCAL Camp Cope-A-Lot
CCAL CD ROM The CCAL program disk
Coach Therapist working with the child
Camper Child (anxious child) working with CCAL
Therapist ID, or user ID ID needed for each therapist (or “Coach”) to log-in to CCAL
Child ID, or camper ID ID needed for each child (or “Camper”) to progress through CCAL
Coach’s Manual Therapist manual
Go-To-Gadget Child workbook for use with CCAL

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Supplemental materials, such as the Therapist Manual (Coach’s Manual) and Child Workbook (Go-To-Gadget), are included as part of the base package and can be printed directly from within the CCAL program. One free “trial use” for the therapist to become acquainted with the Camp Cope-A-Lot program is also included with the base package.

There are two options for initial purchase:

Institutional Base Package (required for initial use)

Base Package (required for initial use)
10 Therapist IDs (access to the program for 10 therapists/coaches)
10 Therapist Manuals (“Coach’s Manuals”)
10 Child Workbooks (“Go-to-Gadgets”)
10 Trial uses (1 trial use for each therapist ID)
10 Child IDs (1 child/camper use per therapist ID)

Individual Base Package (required for initial use)

Base Package (required for initial use)
1 Therapist ID (access to the program for 1 therapist/ coach)
1 Therapist Manual (“ Coach’s Manual”)
1 Child Workbook (“Go-to-Gadget”)
1 Trial use (for the therapist ID)
1 Child ID (1 child/camper use)


Additional child camper IDs must be purchased separately.
Annual subscriptions for camper IDs are available.

See pricing details and purchase options below:
  Initial Purchase Additional Use Initial Purchase Additional Use
  Base Package Annual Subscription Single Use Base Package Annual Subscription Single Use
$600 $20 $200 $200 $20
10     1    
Therapist ID
10 15 1 1 1 1
Camper ID
10 60 1 1 20 1
10 * * 1 * *
10 * * 1 * *
Trial Use
10     1    
Purchase options Purchase options Purchase options Purchase options Purchase options Purchase options
*can be printed directly from the program

*Camp-Cope-A-Lot requires a CD ROM drive, mouse, speakers, and an internet connection.
PLEASE NOTE: CCAL can not run on Mac OSX 10.7 or later unless installing it on a Windows partition

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